Sustainability Office

Michael Lizotte, Ph.D.

University Sustainability Officer

The University Sustainability Officer leads and supports initiatives that improve the environmental, social, and financial sustainability of UNC Charlotte.  They conduct assessments of sustainability, review plans and designs created by other units, organize outreach to the campus community, and support faculty in their teaching and research.  They serve as the Chair for the Chancellor’s Executive Sustainability Committee.

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Shannon Caveny-Cox

Sustainability Office

Solid Waste Coordinator
Sustainability Office

The Solid Waste Coordinator provides campus-wide coordination of solid waste management, including overseeing contracts for waste hauling and recycling. They assess campus needs for waste disposal  to ensure that waste management meets legal requirements, and work to increase waste diversion and source reduction strategies. They work with other units to ensure consistency throughout campus, and develop processes to improve performance of waste management systems. 


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Tyler Sytsma

Outreach Coordinator

The Program Coordinator works specifically on communication projects, event planning, support for student organizations, and engagement programs for the campus community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            &

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Maggie Sobaszek

Sustainability Office

Assessment Coordinator

The Assessment Coordinator is responsible for providing coordination of data gathering, information management, and reporting for the assessment of campus sustainability.  
Maggie joined the Office of Sustainability at UNC Charlotte in 2022. She graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2019 with an MA in Anthropology focusing on ranging behaviors of wild white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar) in western Thailand. 

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Sustainability Analyst

Lawrence Cook

Sustainability Analyst

Lawrence is a graduate student in English and will be graduating in Spring 2023

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Taylor Maddux

Sustainability Analyst

Taylor is majoring in Biology and will graduate in Spring 2022

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Sustainability Aide

Chandler Horton

Sustainability Aide

Chandler is majoring in Civil & Environmental Engineering and will graduate in the Fall of 2022

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Molina Williams

Sustainability Aide

Civil Engineering Technology with a Concentration in Applied Energy and Sustainable Systems - 2024/2025 

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Amee Chantry


Amee is a Biology major and is expected to graduate Spring 2024



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Niyati Danda


Niyati is majoring in Biology and graduating in Spring 2023.

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Emma Hardy


Emma is a Exercise Science major and is anticipated to graduate in the Spring of 2023

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Ben Hewitt


Ben is majoring in English and is set to graduate in the Spring of 2023

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John Hunt


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Aryaman Kachroo


Aryaman is majoring in Computer Science and is anticipated to graduate in the Spring of 2026.

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Lydia Knier


Lydia is majoring in Earth and Environmental Science major and will graduate in Spring 2026

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Hasitha Kommera


Hasitha is majoring in Computer Science and is anticipated to graduate in Spring 2024

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Erin Shibley


Erin is majoring in Mathamatics and is set to graduate in Spring 2024

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Madelynn Smith


Madelynn is majoring in Meteorology and Earth/Environmental Science and is anticipating to graduate in Fall 2024

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