Green Office Program

The Green Office Program was created to help offices and departments on campus identify sustainable actions that they are doing well in, as well as identify goals they can set to limit their impact on the community and environment. The certification consists of three achievable levels based on how many actions you can check off. Your certification will be valid for two years, after which, you will be re-evaluated for hopefully a higher rating.

The Green Office Program helps campus units improve their operations by adopting sustainable practices. The state, UNC system and UNC Charlotte have goals for conserving energy and materials, reducing costs and maintaining safe, healthy workplaces. The program provides tips, feedback, and recognition for employee efforts, while collecting new ideas to share across the campus. 

The Green Office Program is for any faculty, staff or students sharing management of campus workspaces and equipment. Many units have used this program as a team-building tool.

Participants will fill out a checklist and host a staff meeting to discuss their findings. Sustainability Office staff will be there to help answer questions, make suggestions and help boost your score. 

Download the Questionnaire checklist below and contact the Office of Sustainability at to schedule a meeting.

Green Office Application 

Certified Green Offices (2015-2018)

An earlier version of the Green Office Program ran from 2015 to 2018. Below is the list of previous Green Office recipients.

  • Level 4 (highest)
    • Building & Environmental Services and Recycling
    • Chartwells Catering Services 
    • Chartwells Dining Services 
    • Chartwells ID Office 
    • Energy & Environmental Assistance Office
    • Fraternity and Sorority Life
    • Latino Student Services 
    • New Student Services
    • Off Campus Outreach 
    • Parent and Family Services 
    • Peer Mentoring and Engagement 
    • Student Assistance and Support Services 
    • Student Conduct 
    • Volunteer Outreach 
  • Level 3 
    • Auxiliary Services
    • Career Center
    • Disability Services
    • Facilities Management - Design Services 
    • Levine Scholars Program 
    • Urban Institute 
    • Veterans Services Office